Inflatable News Innovations Xtreme Inflatables - 10/2005
1.  Presence on Events
2.  Presence on Fairs
3.  Presence on the Point of Purchase

4.  Premiums & Double Use Miniatures

5.  Inflatables available for Hire throughout Europe


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Presence on Events

Bossaball: Inflatable field of about 14m large x 20m length. For the new sensational game with 2 smashing trampolines.

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Heineken: Several Amstel hat walkers for city animation during the Champions league final 2005 in Thessaloniki, Greece

Nokia Germany: 4m h giant mobile phone model 3230 within ultra short delivery time

Nokia: Standard 4m h column in tailor made flight cases with full digital printing and internal illumination

Protest: 8m rental dome with 2 entries during a snow event in the Alps. Check out our rental list

B&S Events: One of two giant Anti-tobacco frames, touring in the 25 countries in the EU (Budapest)

Presence on Fairs

Rent-a-Church: 12m50 m l x 10m h x 6m wide during the CM2-EMIF fair in Brussels

Innovations X-Treme Netherlands: Our stand during a small and medium size companies fair

Innovations X-Treme in Valencia Spain: Our stand during a small and medium size companies fair

Sennheiser: Standard full digital printed columns 4m h in tailor made flight cases
Presence on the Point of Purchase
Rupp agency: Tailor made inflatable climbing Mc Cain tower touring in Germany

Atomic: Giant 4m h digital printed 20 cl can in a petrol forecourt

Eastpak 1: Fixation of a 3m h giant inflatable to lift up by means of a powerlift up to 6m height

Eastpak 2: Impact once inflated at 6m height without using Helium (option illuminated is available)

Leen Bakker: Standard bouncer 5m20 x 5m with customised branding (Interesting opportunities with our standard games)

Alfa Romeo: Standard column 4m high with internal illumination

Premiums & Double Use Miniatures

Multiple: A variety of miniatures like beach balls, cube and swimming ring in the hands of a enthusiastic crowd

Unilever Germany: Bifi sausage and Bifi balls miniatures already in a swimming pool environment

Handy Warmer: Think ahead of the cold months. Special shapes min. quantity 5000 units. Printing: discreet logo or total product replica as mobile phone, instant soup bag, beer-mat, vitamin pill, thee bag – good to have on the ski slopes or the rink.

Bangers: 60cm-65 cm length (or longer) packed with 2 per set and a small straw. Impact in sound and vision! Ideal for mailings and on-pack or at events.

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Innovations Xtreme Inflatables

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